Arma 3 Epoch server

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Server IP:

Server Port: 2302

Change log (server only)

Version: 2014-12#02

  • Server additions
    • Changed: Init method
    • Changed: Required version
    • Fixed: Incorrect config
  • AI Missions
    • Added: First prototype
  • Functions
    • Added: Usage of bis_fnc_selectRandomWeighted (Kudos to Karel)
    • Added: IA Spawn function
    • Added: Diary formatting functions
    • Changed: random function has been moved
    • Changed: Almost everything :)
  • Compositions
    • Changed: ExecVM now use the variable path (tm4_rootFolder)
    • Fixed: Some objects were blocking the lanes
    • Fixed: Glitch with a barrack (south east)
    • Removed: Phone booths

Version: 2014-12#01

  • Compositions
    • Added: Central border

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