Server maintenance, status

Hello, Some of you may have noticed a tweet I sent yesterday about a large server maintenance, here some details… Actually, this is much more than a maintenance, it’s a full migration of a batch of websites and applications (partially listed at the end of this entry) I was forced to perform in emergency because […]

ArmaHolic,, changes!

Some of you may know that I’m still active in the community, among others, Armaholic & the CFr-Arma, well known as (hereafter – CFr) as System Administrator & developer. Everyone (at least, almost) knows ArmaHolic, but fact is less people knows that these 2 past years, the CFr was hosting almost all file mirrors. Because of a lack […]

Armaholic recherche des partenaires

Ce billet a valeur d’annonce, Armaholic cherche un ou plusieurs partenaires pour son infrastructure. Armaholic est l’une des plus grandes (si n’est pas la plus grande)  structures autour des jeux de Bohemia Interactive Studio. Existant depuis 2006, et avec une croissance exponentielle… C’est timidement que tout à commencé avec une première année à 440 000 […]