[EN] Poseidon version: 0.64

A while ago I didn’t published an update of Poseidon, this time, not because of lack of feedback (even if some are really pointless) but in reason of time… As usual, it’s still hard to find enough time to work on community projects.

So, what’s new here? Firstly, some codes have been optimized for Windows 8+ and Windows 2012, to improve the process a bit (now occupy 24Mb of RAM at startup against 35 before).

Then, all commands references were updated to the latest version (development branch, 1.15.116348), including base functions (bis_fnc_*) and Zeus content.

Another major modification is the snippet syntax, it now uses compact syntax. That means when you use, for example, if snippet (CTRL+G, if or if… tab), the result will be:

Instead of

I also made some small changes like the possibility to open one of the 20 last files opened (10 last projects), removed some unused charsets and the main menu.

Last feature but not least is the file-diff, for the moment, I don’t have enough time to document it, but basically, you can use compare a file with clipboard content, a file in the project or another opened file… And of course, diff syntax gets its own highlight ^^

Note: A clean install is needed for this version (do not keep any file from previous version)

Site: http://poseidon.arma3.fr
Announcement: Bohemia Interactive Forums

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