VERSION 0.90.0 @ 16 08 2015
Added: Updated commands (Arma3 147 131253)
Added: Updated vanilla functions (Arma3 147 131253)
Changed: When Arma 3 is started from Poseidon, -filePatching parameter is used
Changed: FSM Editor has been updated (version
Fixed: Wrong indentation behavior on SQF files
Fixed: Various minor issues
Removed: Installer (will be rewrite later)

VERSION 0.88.0 @ 22 06 2015
Added: New commands (Arma3 147 131253)
Added: New vanilla functions (Arma3 147 131253)
Changed: FSM Editor has been updated (version
Changed: FSM Editor is now run from Arma 3 Tools if it’s installed
Changed: TexView is now run from Arma 3 Tools if it’s installed
Changed: It will first try to run Arma3Diag when using f8 from a SQM file
Fixed: Various issues with external programs

VERSION 0.87.1 @ 02 06 2015
Added: New commands (version 1.47.131000)
Added: New vanilla functions (version 1.47.131000)
Changed: exitWith has been added to the control structures instructions #BlameNelson :)
Changed: CPP, HPP, HXX, H are now opened as Arma config file
Tweaked: cleaned SQF definitions for FSM Editor
Fixed: Vanilla functions were not defined in the appropriate group

VERSION 0.86.1 @ 21 05 2015
Fixed: The SQF language definition was badly defined (some commands may have been added during the process)
Fixed: Fail-safe on SQF string definitions

VERSION 0.86 @ 19 05 2015
Added: Auto trim white space on save
Added: Arma 3 new commands (version 1.45.130806)
Added: Arma 3 new functions (version 1.45.130806)
Changed: jpg, png, tga, paa, pac are not considered as binary files, making them findable with a search
Changed: Sidebar layout
Fixed: Some content was out of the sidebar
Tweaked: The setting dependencies have been cleaned up

VERSION 0.85.2 @ 28 04 2015
Added: Arma 3 new commands (version 1.43.130525)
Added: Arma 3 new functions (version 1.43.130525)
Changed: File headers (scripts and functions) now include properly the scriptName
Fixed: Issue with highlighting of Arma 3 functions
Fixed: The parameters were not read as expected (invalid config file)
Fixed: SQF Function header is now correct

VERSION 0.85.1 @ 19 03 2015
Added: Auto trim trailing whitespaces for config files
Changed: Auto indentation has been switched off for SQF files

VERSION 0.84.0 @ 18 03 2015
Added: new command usage in Arma 3 rev 129768
Added: Functions from Arma 3 rev 129768
Changed: Default tab size for SQF files is now 8 spaces
Changed: The snippets now use the full extended syntax
Changed: Some snippets have been reworked and fixed
Tweaked: Improved external dependencies

VERSION 0.82.3 @ 25 02 2015
Added: Arma 3 new commands (version 1.39.129031)
Added: Arma 3 new functions (version 1.39.129031)
Added: More config properties for Arma config files (sounds, physX)
Changed: Some minor edits in the menu
Removed: “Issue” and “Check” keywords are not highlighted anymore

VERSION 0.82.2 @  06 02 2015
WARNING: A fresh install is needed.

  • Added: some data have been move to “%userprofile%\Documents\Poseidon Tools\”, called PTDocs
  • Added: Hot backup feature (ALT+SHIFT+B). It creats a copy of the current file into PTDocs\Exports\ (each backup is unique)
  • Added: Export to HTML (ALT+SHIFT+P). The exported file is stored into PTDocs\Exports
  • Added: Properties for Arma configs (Sea, weather, latest additions etc…)
  • Added: Arma 3 new commands (version 1.39+)
  • Added: Arma 3 new functions (version 1.39+)
  • Added: Placeholder for user defined snippets
  • Changed: Recent Projects menu now contains the 15 last opened projects
  • Changed: Default syntax for .hpp files is now “CPP Arma” (instead of “ext format”)
  • Changed: Updated version of FSM editor
  • Changed: Updated TexView 2 compiler
  • Tweaked: Regulare expression used for Arma 3 Functions
  • Tweaked: Loading of some modules
  • Tweaked: Status bar informations
  • Fixed: Missing “Do” in the ForSpec snippet
  • Fixed: Some snippets had an incorrect format
  • Fixed: “Step” in the ForVar snippet
  • Fixed: Some snippets were available from wrong file-types (e.g. basic CfgSounds from config files)
  • Removed: Links to the french documentation (because it’s not available anymore

VERSION 0.80 – PE @ 03 12 2014
WARNING: A fresh install is needed.

  • Added: Config properties needed for animations
  • Added: Config properties needed for sounds
  • Added: Config properties required to implement the FFV feature
  • Added: Most of the properties needed for interfaces
  • Changed: “class” keyword is case sensitive and must be in lowercase
  • Changed: Scrollbar aspect
  • Changed: Scroll speed increased (+20%)
  • Changed: Binary files are now openned as Hexa file (temporarly)
  • Changed: Minimap, improved view of the current view
  • Changed: Status bar is more thin than before
  • Changed: Color of the inactives tabs
  • Fixed: typeOf was missing from the Arma 3 script commands

VERSION 0.78.7 – PE @ 24 11 2014
WARNING: A fresh install is required because of some issues from the previous release.

  • Added: Ability to open Arma 3 log directory (Top menu >> Logs)
  • Added: Shortcut to open the current file into a new tab (ctrl+shift+c)
  • Fixed: Installer dependencies
  • Fixed: Bad definitions in SQF language configuration
  • Fixed: Installed version was incorrect
  • Fixed: Mikero tools were not working on some OS (with very specific conditions)


  • The installer will mark the version to install to 0.78.6, just ignore it.

0.78.1 => 0.78.6 – Release Candidates – Hot fixes

VERSION 0.78 – PE @ 11 11 2014
WARNING: A fresh install is needed.

  • Added: “CPP Arma” syntax checker, highlight missing token: {1,2,3,};
  • Added: mission config syntax checker, highlight missing token: {1,2,3,};
  • Added: GameType Sandbox
  • Added: A few mission config stuff
  • Added: Arma 3 new commands (version 1.35.128152)
  • Added: Arma 3 new functions (version 1.35.128152)
  • Changed: Updated dependencies & librairies
  • Changed: Issue highlighting must be in a comment to be handled
  • Fixed: Bad dependency for TM4_Indenter
  • Fixed: GameType (in mission config) was case sensitive
  • Fixed: Auto-completion for SQF files
  • Fixed: A load of stuff…

VERSION 0.74 – PE @ 13 10 2014
WARNING: A fresh install is needed.

  • Changed: New script commands for Arma 3
  • Changed: New functions for Arma 3
  • Changed: Poseidon.dll methods
  • Changed: Recompiled structure files
  • Fixed: Auto-completion on SQF content

VERSION 0.72 – PE @ 22 08 2014
WARNING: A fresh install is needed.

  • Added: Settings manager (“preferences” >> “Options”)
  • Added: Community Tools Updater ( (“preferences” >> “Options”) (temporary menu location)
  • Added: Functions for latest Arma 3 (
  • Added: New commands for Arma 3 (
  • Added: Shortcut CTRL+F5 to open a CMD with file current directory as working dir (cd & pushd)
  • Added: Shortcut to run Arma 3 in “External programs/tools”. Note: If the current file is a sqm, it will open the editor and load the mission, whatever the file path.
  • Changed: “Open CMD here” is not in its final version (Menu >> External programs)
  • Changed: Auto complete box is now shown after 50ms (+10)
  • Changed: Indent method for SQF files
  • Changed: _target, _name, _leader and _destination have been removed from magic variables, they can now be used with “Make private Statment (ctrl+e, ctrl+p)” (
  • Changed: Improved bracket highlighter (performances)
  • Changed: …too many things to be listed :)
  • Changed: Location of snippets… to prepare the future :)
  • Fixed: Very low performances on very large file (20MB+)
  • Fixed: Low performances with XML Files
  • Fixed: restoreDefault could crash at the end of the process because it was searching for MacOX files
  • Fixed: respawnOnStart was not regognized by the ext parser (
  • Fixed: File stream was laggy because of a bad defined event handler (
  • Fixed: Poseidon installer was not working on some x86 workstation
  • Fixed: FSMEditor was not working on some x86 workstation
  • Fixed: Texview 2 was not working on some x86 workstation
  • Fixed: RestoreDefault was not working on some x86 workstation

VERSION 0.70.1449 – PE @ 11 07 2014
WARNING: A fresh install is highly recommanded.

  • Added: Function to find all local variables in the selection and privatize them. (ctrl+e, ctrl+p)
    • Note: This ignores the “magic variables” (
  • Added: <experimental> tm4_indenter, simple program to auto indent files (ctrl+e, ctrl+i)
  • Added: Command to indent the current file in mode Quick’n Dirty (ctrl+alt+e, ctrl+alt+i)
  • Added: Detection of uncomplete array (e.g. _array = [item2, item2, itemN, ];)
  • Added: //note,//todo,//check,//issue keywords are now supported in missionConfigFile and configFile
  • Added: New Commands for Arma 3 1.25.125903
  • Added: New Functions for Arma 3 1.25.125903
  • Added: Shortcut to convert indentation to TAB (ctrl+e, ctrl+tab)
  • Added: Shortcut to convert indentation to space (ctrl+e, ctrl+space)
  • Changed: Updated Command Palette (ctrl+shift+p)
  • Changed: When open a SQM with Arma 3, it will try to start it with arma3diag.exe first (will use arma3.exe if arma3diag fails)
  • Changed: Smallest text size is now 6 (was 8)
  • Changed: Icon for installer
  • Changed: Bracket highlighter, removed threshold
  • Fixed: Poseidon was unable to run Addon Builder (missing registry key from AB)
  • Fixed: Working directory of OpenCMD (“External tools” >> “Open CMD here”) was wrong

VERSION 0.69.1430 – PE @ 20 06 2014
WARNING: A fresh install is highly recommanded.

  • Added: New commands for Arma 3 1.23.125365
  • Added: New Functions for Arma 3 1.23.125365
  • Added: Shortcut to open Arma 3 Tools launcher (F7)
  • Added: Shortcut to open Mikero tools (ctrl+F7)
  • Added: Shortcut to open Poseidon’s installer (shift+F7)
  • Added: Shortcut to open logs from Arma 3 Diagnostics Exe ()
  • Added: Command from Arma 3 Diagnostics Exe ()
  • Added: Native support of Mikero Tools, Menu >> External programs >> Mikero ()
  • Added: Snippets handle autocompletion
  • Added: Shortcut shift+tab to unindent the current line
  • Added: Animation when expanding or collapsing folders in the side bar
  • Changed: PBO and EBO files removed from “Goto Anything”
  • Changed: Scroll bars are now diplayed in overlay, sync with the minimap
  • Changed: stdout of Arma 3 Community Tools is now hidden
  • Changed: Scroll speed inscreased of 5%
  • Changed: Fallback to UTF-8 when unable to determine file encoding
  • Changed: Bin file are displayed as it is (no more Hexa)
  • Changed: Default encoding changed from “ANY” to UTF-8
  • Changed: Line ending character used changed from “LF” to “CRLF” (system value)
  • Changed: decrease of 10 ms of the delay before displaying autocomplete window (now 40ms)
  • Changed: stdout of Arma 3 Community Tools is now hidden
  • Changed: Poseidon.dll for Arma 3 Community Tools 0.68+ ()
  • Fixed: Various typo in core scripts
  • Fixed: Anti-aliasing was wrong on some OS
  • Fixed: Various typo in core scripts
  • Fixed: Diag_* command group was missing from auto-completion
  • Fixed: Keyword highlighting of issue, todo, check, note were case sensitive (SQF)

VERSION 0.68.1315 – PE @ 03 06 2014

  • Fixed: Various errors on the installer
  • Fixed: Various errors on the shared library

VERSION 0.68.1306 – PE @ 02 06 2014
WARNING: A fresh install is needed.

  • Added: Commands for Arma 3 1.21+ (some of these may not be yet available ingame)
  • Changed: Install.exe has been reworked for upcoming features
  • Improved: Shared library
  • Improved: “Arma 3 Community Tools” support
  • Improved: Bracket highlighter
  • Improved: Magic key (F8) command
  • Improved: Profile file
  • Fixed: File association
  • Fixed: “cache purge” was moving file to the recycle bin (yeah, one more time ^_^)
  • Fixed: When Poseidon was started with an file opening, time to time, it wasn’t able to run an external process
  • FXIED: Some maths commands were displayed as error in SQF files
  • Fixed: scriptedFSM config for Arma 3
  • Fixed: log opening

Known issues:

  • Update action won’t work until version 0.70.X
  • restoreDefault can crash at the end of the process, ignore it, the job is done
  • Debug stdout is displayed by default

VERSION 0.67.1269 – PE @ 05 2014
WARNING: A fresh install is needed.

  • Added: Valve Data Format (.vdf) for BI games
  • Improved: SQF Syntax, Some syntax error like too many =, | etc…
  • Added: SQF Syntax, Hightlight of keywords Todo and Note
  • Improved: Support of batch scripts
  • Fixed: fsm editor, scriptedFSM for Arma 3
  • Fixed: GIT wasn’t working
  • Fixed: SVN file operations were erroneous
  • Fixed: Various issues on the versioning support
  • Changed: Versioning support, actions won’t appear the file opened is not in a repository
  • Added: Auto completion, Commands of Arma 3 (export from 1.21.124478) //TODO
  • Added: Auto completion, Function of Arma 3 (export from 1.21.124478) //TODO
  • Added: Install.exe performs a quick check of the installation
  • Added: Install.exe asks for closing Poseidon if it’s running
  • Improved: Installation exe
  • Improved: RestoreDefault.exe
  • Fixed: restoreDefault was moving file to the recycle bin
  • Changed: All executables now share a dll (Poseidon.dll)
  • Fixed: File type association was erroneous on Win VISTA
  • Improved: fsmEditor.exe
  • Improved: TexView 2.exe
  • Changed: File and folder structure
  • Added: Shortcuts list (Help >> View Shortcuts)
  • Added: New option to “View” menu
  • Added: New option to “Preferences” menu
  • Restored: Ability to open / save with charset Central European (ISO 8859-2); used in Czeck republic
  • Added: Syntax highlighting for settings and keymap files of Posiedon Tools

VERSION 0.66.1128 – PE @ 05 2014
WARNING: A fresh install is needed.

  • Added: SVN / GIT Support (see shortcuts in Preferences)
  • Added: Oxygen² & Object Builder script are now read as SQF
  • Added: Poseidon now requires to run install.exe (root directory) in order to update its path and version
  • Added: Registry key >> “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Bohemia Interactive\Poseidon Tools”, “version”
  • Added: Registry key >> “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Bohemia Interactive\Poseidon Tools”, “path”
  • Added: Poseidon is able to open latest Bulldozer log
  • Added: Poseidon is able to open latest Arma 3 server log
  • Fixed: CMD layout
  • Fixed: “Open CMD here” (External programs) now sets the path correctly
  • Changed: “Preferences” is now available from the main menu
  • Changed: “resetSetting” not longer waits after user confirmation
  • Fixed: “resetSetting” now uses .Net framework 4 instead of 4.5
  • Changed: “resetSetting” was renanmed as “restoreDefault”
  • Fixed: When Poseidon was launched while opening a file, it wasn’t able to open logs
  • Added: <experimental> User can open Arma 3 tools from the menu
  • Fixed: FileDiff was not working properly
  • Changed: XML syntax highlighter
  • Changed: RPT syntax highlighter (User log (bis_fnc_log) entries are now blue or green)
  • FXIED: Scope highlighter was not working properly with dark color scheme

VERSION 0.65.1004 – PE @ 29 04 2014
WARNING: A fresh install is needed.

  • Changed: File association (now in Poseidon\Extra\FileAssoc.exe)
  • Changed: File type is now named BIStudio Script (was Arma File)
  • RMVED: Run_once folder
  • Fixed: the generation of the default session was faulty
  • Changed: Recent items are now split into “Open Recent File” and “Open Recent Folder”
  • Improved: Bracket highlighter
  • Fixed: the bracket highlighter was not working with large class (max is now 65536 characters within a single scope)
  • Added: Shortcut to Toggle high visibility of current scope (ALT+B)
  • Fixed: Time to time, Poseidon was not able to open SQM with Arma 3
  • Added: Auto completion, Commands for the latest version of Arma 3 (1.19.123773)
  • Added: Auto completion, Function for the latest version of Arma 3 (1.19.123771)
  • Changed: Scroll speed increased for SQF file type
  • Changed: Margin size for SQF file type
  • Changed: Debug script has been rewritten and renamed (_resetSettings in the root directory of Poseidon)
  • Added: Auto completion for cfg name (test) from sqf files (e.g. “CfgAmmo”)
  • Improved: Magic key (F8) command has been reworked
  • Added: FSM Editor executable in the root directory of Poseidon
  • Added: TexView 2 executable in the root directory of Poseidon
  • Fixed: Some file type were not displayed in the project explorer
  • Changed: Main directory renamed from “Poseidon” to “Poseidon Tools”
  • Changed: Preference menu is now directly in the main menu
  • Changed: Menu, “Poseidon” was renamed to “Logs”
  • Added: “New view of this file” (clone view) is now available from file and tab context menu
  • Added: Shortcut for “clone view”, right click into the file content then hit “e”
  • Known issue:
  • fileassoc can be detected as a potential threat by some anti-virus. Just ignore it, this is just because it write in the Windows registry.

VERSION 0.64.787 – ANY VERSION @ 30 03 2014
Fixed: File association should now work

VERSION 0.64.781 – PE @ 27 03 2014
WARNING: A fresh install is highly recommended!

  • Added: Commands for Arma 3 version: 1.06, 1.08, 1.10, 1.14 (and 1.12, 1.16 (rev. 116294))
  • Added: Auto completion for bis_fnc_* (including Zeus DLC)
  • Added: Link to Zeus documentation (Curator) (Poseidon >> Other documentation >> Zeus Editing (Curator))
  • Added: Some content to \Docs & Licences folder
  • Improved: Ms Windows 8, Ms Windows 8.1 & Ms Windows 2012 R2 compatibility
  • Changed: “Compact syntax” for Snippets
  • Changed: Links for functions and modules documentation
  • Changed: You can now open one of the 20 last opened files (was 8 before)
  • Changed: You can now open one of the 10 last opened folders (was 8 before)
  • RMVED: Some unused charset
  • Changed: Background of BIS default color scheme
  • Changed: Bin directory is now \Data\Packages\Bin\
  • Changed: Now possible to go to the 20 last bookmarks through the menu (was 15 before)
  • Changed: Now possible to switch between the 10 last saved projects (was 5 before)
  • Improved: Ext support (mission config files)
  • Fixed: inheritance highlight in EXT and configs
  • Fixed: A lot of issues (I bet on new one too ^^)
  • Changed: Menu item Help > View Help (poseidon) now open the online documentation
  • Fixed: Preprocessor (#(.*)) highlight
  • Improved: I’m too lazy to list them all!

VERSION 0.63.610 – SE @ 28 10 2013

  • Added: Diff system –
  • Added: Diff syntax highlighter –
  • Improved: Ext support (mission config files)
  • Improved: White color scheme
  • Fixed: CPP Arma: Comments –

VERSION 0.62.583- PE @ 24 10 2013

  • Added: Layout: White color scheme
  • Added: Content: Arma 3 commands for version 1.05+
  • Added: Snippets: for XML Stringtables (containers and keys) triggered by “container” and “key”
  • Added: BIS_fnc_log entries are highlighted (green background)
  • Improved: Performance: Combination of subpixel antialiasing and DirectWrite
  • Changed: Header snippet now includes scriptName
  • Changed: Help >> “View help” file updated.
  • Changed: The default tab-size is back to 4 (It was an oversight after the font change from the 0.59)
  • Changed: RPT support: errors on entities are highlighted (red)
  • Changed: Folder structure is still changing :)
  • Fixed: F1 shortcut now works as it should (open Online RVengine documentation)
  • Fixed: Auto indent for XML Stringtables.
  • Fixed: Run with external wasn’t working with “BIEDI” files. It now starts correctly Arma 3 and open the current biedi in the editor.
  • Fixed: Occasionally, poseidon was starting Arma 3 without “dev” and “@debug” mods.

VERSION 0.61.512- PE @ 14 10 2013

  • Added: Misc Tools -> Trim trailing white spaces
  • Added: colorization for Arma 3 1.04 commands (11oct)
  • Added: auto completion for Arma 3 1.04 commands (11oct)
  • Added: <EXPRIMENTAL> Bind F1 to display command documentation (same as ALT+E or ALT+F)
  • Added: Duplicate help links in help menu
  • Added: <EXPRIMENTAL> New support for Arma configs (you can back to the old one by switching the colorization to C++)
  • Changed: Menu group separators
  • Fixed: Open with external (F8) was not working on some computers
  • Fixed: Wrong reading of some projects
  • Fixed: White space in the menu, between External programs & Help
  • Fixed: A lot of bugs
  • Added: some other bugs!? :-)
  • RMVED: Save script files on lost focus

VERSION 0.60.326 – SE @ 08 10 2013

  • Fixed: External programs “Try to find best program” wasn’t working with image & FSM files.

VERSION 0.59.325 @ 07 10 2013
WARNING: A fresh install is highly recommended!

  • Fixed: Opening log require to have an opened and active file (no more the case)
  • Added: Reindentation tool (Misc Tools -> Auto indentation) – Be aware, this works well only with XML
  • Changed: Improved: Faster loading
  • Added: File assoc with XML since I think it’s well supported
  • Changed: XML language, some keys were missing
  • Changed: Default Tab size is now 2 (to meet the new font requirement, 0.57)
  • Added: Select an entire line easily: Maintain a right click on the line and make a left click or make a triple left click
  • Added: Select a block easily: Maintain a right click on the line and make a double left click
  • Added: Tab context menu: Save file
  • Added: Shortcut to save all opened files: ctrl+alt+s
  • Added: Open a windows console in the containing folder of the current file (External programs -> Open cmd here)
  • Added: Ability to directly start Arma 3 when a sqm is opened (F8) (parameters = “-mod=@debug;dev” -window -noSplash -showScriptErrors “pathToSQMFile”)
  • Fixed: Files header (triggered by header) , the filename is now quoted
  • Fixed: Assoc all with poseidon (Poseidon\run_once\assoc_all_with_poseidon)
  • Added: File encoding to the status bar (bottom), Status bar now includes: Poseidon version /\ File Encoding /\ Caret position
  • Added: .layout associated with xml format (Carrier Command & Take On Mars)
  • Changed: Font “Consolas”
  • Added: Full path of the current file is display on the window title
  • Changed: bin folder location
  • RMVED: Open with external: Visitor & Oxigen support
  • Changed: When using F8 with an unsupport file, will try to find the default assoc from Windows
  • Changed: RTFM (some updates)
  • Fixed: config files (mission and game): some strings were badly displayed
  • Added: config files: colorization for localized content
  • Fixed: config files: every x,y,z,h,w were displayed in blue
  • CHGND: config files: Better support
  • Added: Script files: local variables are displayed in light green (italic)
  • Changed: Script files: local magic variables are now displayed in green (bold) except _pos
  • Added: Script files: new A3 commands
  • Fixed: Plenty of bugs
  • Changed: SQM & BIEDI are now opened with colorization (small support, just to highlight the file structure)
  • CHGND: RPT reading improved
  • Fixed: The shortcut to display online doc in the context menu wasn’t working
  • Added: Folder Poseidon\Docs & Licences

Note about the ability to directly start Arma 3 when a sqm is opened
Even if your file is located at P:\a3\missions_f_gamma\MPScenarios\MP_COOP_m08.Altis\mission.sqm, time the parent folder is well named, it will work.

VERSION 0.58.305 @ 02 10 2013

  • Added: FSM Editor (shortcut: f5) => Will open the current file if it’s a FSM
  • Added: TexView 2 (shortcut: f6) => Will open the current file if it’s a paa, pac, tga, jpg or png
  • Added: Open with external, “try to find the best program” (shortcut: f8) – If you don’t know with what program you can open it, try F8, the software will try to open it with an integrated tool or with the windows default one
  • – fsm or bifsm: FSM editor
  • – paa, pac, tga, jpg or png: TexView
  • – log & rpt: Tail
  • – pew, pbl, xyz: Visitor
  • – p3d, 3ds, asc, sda: Oxygen
  • – sqm version 12: Arma 3
  • – sqm version 11: Arma 2 CO
  • – sqm version < 11 is ignored
  • – Unsupported type: our very first scripting tool from Microsoft… Notepad.exe
  • NOT PE -> N.C.

VERSION 0.57.229 @ 26 09 2013
WARNING: A fresh install is highly recommended!

  • Added: Capability to start the game with current mission (right click on a mission.sqm)
  • Added: autocompletion for all know BIS functions
  • Fixed: control structures get a {} if typed, but not the trailing ;
  • Fixed: Time to time, the auto-indent screw up
  • Added: Colorization for localized strings in EXT files (non encapsulated or with “” or ”)
  • RMVED: Some Menu options useless for soft use
  • Added: Snippet for SQF, serverOnly
  • Changed: Folder structure (Need a full clean of Poseidon\Data folder before updating)
  • Changed: For loop now triggered by “forspec”
  • Fixed: Forspec was using _x instead of _i (and can now include a forEach)
  • Added: for var loop triggered by “forvar”
  • Fixed: Can’t switch to case condition with tab while adding a case with snippets
  • Added: Assoc for HPP (“assoc_hpp_with_poseidon.bat” can be found in Poseidon\run_once)
  • Changed: Documentation search restored as it was in 0.55
  • Changed: Manual, adding some shortcuts (ctrl+maj+j && ctrl+maj+v)
  • Added: Auto reindentation (WIP) Misc tools -> Auto Indentation
  • Added: Convert indation from spaces to tabs
  • Added: Convert indation from tabs to spaces
  • Changed: Better support of ext files
  • Added: mission config (ext): Respawn templates
  • Added: Poseidon version is now displayed on the status bar
  • Changed: Default file type is now SQF (instead of Plain Text)
  • Changed: Search system optimized
  • Changed: animation when expanding or collapsing folders disabled for better performances with large projects
  • Changed: Font type and size (use ctrl+scroll to increase or decrease the font size)
  • Added: FSM files are now opened with the SQF syntax
  • Added: Snippet for common RGB colors (enter RGB_ to see all available colors)
  • Added: Snippet for common RGBA colors (with alpha) (enter RGBA_ to see all available colors)
  • Added: Config macro for Rsc (dialog & display) (triggered by RscMacro)
  • Changed: Tab size reduiced
  • Changed: Folder names are highlighted
  • Added: Unsaved files are easier to find in tabs

VERSION 0.56.186 @ 20 09 2013

  • KNOWN ISSUE: Some config (for model.cfg) keywords are missing
  • KNOWN ISSUE: Some default keywords are missing for the ext files
  • Changed: Brackets highlighter
  • Fixed: BIS Function colorization
  • Changed: Font
  • Added: description file (.ext) support<n
  • Changed: File assoc SQS / SQF / SQM / CFG / CPP / HPP / EXT / RPT
  • in Poseidon\run_once, you will find some bat files. Exec assoc_all_with_poseidon or the one you want
  • Changed: Fold unfold code block
  • Added: bis_fnc_spawnVehicle (triggered by fnc)
  • Added: bis_fnc_spawnGroup (triggered by fnc)
  • Added: bis_fnc_selectRandom (triggered by fnc)
  • Added: bis_fnc_playVideo (triggered by fnc)
  • Added: bis_fnc_dirTo (triggered by dirTo)
  • Added: bis_fnc_locations (triggered by fnc)
  • Added: bis_fnc_dirIndicator (triggered by dirIndicator)
  • Added: bis_fnc_param (triggered by param)
  • Added: bis_fnc_error (triggered by error)
  • Added: bis_fnc_taskPatrol (triggered by taskPatrol)
  • Added: count condition (triggered by countCond)
  • Added: getText from MissionConfig (triggered by getText, getValue)
  • Added: getNumber from MissionConfig (triggered by getNumber, getValue)
  • Fixed: forEach command & keyword (it belongs to control structures)
  • Added: Snippet: SILVIE config and stop (trigger: silvie)
  • Added: SILVIE config and stop (trigger: silvie)
  • Added: Snippet: Script, Garbage something
  • Added: Some new Arma 3 commands
  • Added: highlight the current line
  • Changed: highlight color
  • Changed: selection color
  • Fixed: Comment for header’s file no longer requires additional edit
  • Added: Snippet: Function header (description, args…) formated with BIS convention
  • Changed: Various snippets of functions are now triggered by their short name
  • Fixed: IF snippet
  • Fixed: IF ELSE snippet
  • Fixed: IF ELSE ELSEIF snippet
  • Added: Much better brackets highlight
  • Make CTRL+P and enter “BH” too see available options
  • Brackets type is in the marge
  • When carret is over a bracket, given brackets (begin & end) are orange. Parents type are in the marge and underlined in the code
  • Fixed: Link to SQF english documentation was pointed a search. Now open the command’s page
  • Changed: Side bar displayed by default

VERSION 0.55 @ 22 08 2013

  • Changed: RPT highlight
  • Member already defined
  • Changed: Main background color
  • Changed: Sidebar background color
  • Changed: To display online doc, right click on keyword, then View online Doc
  • CHNDG: Displaying online doc no longer requires to select the all word, just one click on it and push alt+e (alt+f for french doc)
  • Added: Support of model.cfg
  • Changed: Snippet: Comment for header’s file no longer requires additional edit
  • Changed: Keywords list and commands list moved for make future updates easier
  • Added: Persistent sessions, unsaved files openned while closing Poseidon will loaded on the next launch (2 main scopes (each project gets its session more a default session unlinked with any project (unsaved project in fact ^_^)))
  • Changed: Performances improved
  • REMOV: Java support disabled, it’s not used ATM ;)
  • Added: #debug.bat (in root folder), if poseidon crashes at launch, just run it
  • Added: Open file from another. Put the caret on a file name, right click->Misc->Open File name. OR push alt+d
  • Added: Clone a file to be able to edit it from multiple views (Main menu->Misc tools->Clone current file, and move it to another group tabs)
  • Added: File association with Poseidon (see folder <Poseidon_Dir>\run_once) for SQS, SQF, SQM, EXT
  • Note about performance tests:
  • Tests has been made with some files openned (36MB of RAM allocated). No freeze during loading, the progress bar is updated as it should. During loading, you can open/edit/save/create another file. Now, here the results:
  • 1 cpp for ~11MB (418 362 lines) -> 06.6 secondes to load
  • 2 cpp for ~23MB (830 970 lines) -> 11.8 secondes to load
  • Edition and navigation are perfectly fluid. Please, notice that files are loaded one by one to prevent freeze or lag. No performance issue detected with 14 files (for ~72MB) loaded while displaying for at once in split screen.

VERSION 0.54 @ 18 08 2013

  • KNONW ISSUE: It needs a file open to access to logs
  • KNONW ISSUE: Poseidon loses the focus when it opens a log
  • KNOWN BUG: bis_fnc_3Dcredits is not colorized
  • Changed: Default Theme
  • Fixed: Pre processor snippets
  • Added: RPT handling (main menu->Poseidon->Open +GAME+ log)
  • Arma 3: Because A3 generate one log each launch, this action opens the most recent
  • Keep your logs tidy, clean often
  • Changed: Some snippets
  • Added: Automatically save the file on loss of focus (sqf only)
  • Added: Default Format UTF8 w/o BOM for SQS/SQF/EXT/HPP
  • Added: trim trailing line’s whitespace for script files
  • Added: antialias for greys
  • Added: Magic variables
  • Added: Colorized BIS functions (BIS_FNC_*)
  • Changed: RTFM (help) updated
  • Changed: font for SQF
  • Added: Readme skeleton (make a text file (plain text), type “read” and push ctrl+space. Then push tab to edit sections)
  • Added: BIS function support: bis_fnc_3Dcredits, bis_fnc_crows, bis_fnc_taskDefend, bis_fnc_taskPatrol…
  • Added: Shortcut (ctrl+/) to comment / uncomment the selection (line, elements, blocks…)

VERSION 0.53 @ 17 08 2013

  • Clean folder
  • Changed: Default Theme
  • Fixed: Snippets variables

VERSION 0.52 @ 17 08 2013

  • Added: User settings (\Data\Packages\BI Tools\options\)
  • DELETED: Some useless functions

VERSION 0.51 @ 2011

  • Fixed: Seach online
  • Added: Snippets

VERSION 0.50 @ 2011

  • Initial version

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