FSM Editor, Poseidon as text editor

Because I cannot upgrade FSM Editor, here a tips to work better with FSM Editor.

So, Poseidon can be used as code editor for FSM file code blocks and there is just a very short parameter to define.

use_externalEditorStart Poseidon, open a FSM file and hit key F8 to open it with FSM Editor. From FSM Editor, in the main menu, go into “Edit >> External Editor”, then define the path to your “Poseidon.exe” file, uncheck “DDE” and click OK.

Ok, that’s done, now, when you click edit on the bottom of a code block (statement), it will open Poseidon and load the given statement (in a new file w/. Once you’re done with it, just save and close and see your code in FSM Editor.