How to register a Sublime Text 2 licence?

Please, take in consideration that I’m not affiliated to Sublime Text developers, in consequence, I have no interest about the licence and I won’t earn any cent if you buy a Sublime Text licence.

Before proceeding, read the FAQ.

Steps to buy and register your Sublime Text 2 licence

  1. Download this archive: ST Licence management
  2. Extract the content in your Poseidon root folder
  3. Go into Poseidon, you will see a new menu called “ST Licence management”
  4. Click “ST Licence management” -> “Purchase license”, it will open a new page
  5. At the end of the process, Sublime HQ will send you a licence key, copy it and go back into Poseidon
  6. Click “ST Licence management” -> “Enter license” and paste your licence key
  7. Validate, restart Poseidon and you’re good to go!