Q: A box popped up and said I need to purchase because I have an unregistered versionA: In fact, Poseidon is based on Sublime Text 2, this is the point. You can buy it or just dismiss the popup by pressing escape when it shows up. It doesn’t change anything, features are the same regardless you’ve a registered copy or not. This is not my doing, and since the soft is based on this, I think normal to let it.

Note: I have no interest in the sales of ST2. If you want thanks me, it on this way => http://poseidon.arma3.fr/ => bottom of the page, on the right

Q: Poseidon did not start and pop an error about a previously opened file

A: Just go at the root folder of Poseidon and run the bat named #debug.bat
/!\ it will destroy all data related to your session, except projects /!\

Q: Why I can not access to Nightly?

A: Nightly builds belong to the development branch and the access to it is strictly reserved to initial users and some community members.

Q: It’s written “Personal Edition” in the status bar, Are there other versions?

A: Yes, there, for now, 3 branches:
1 – Development branch: Its name is self explanatory, this branch is and will stay an internal one (available for closed beta testers and developer(s)).
2 – Standard Edition: This is a full version available for “initial users”. As you may know, Poseidon was publicly released in august 2013 but it exists since 2011. The list of initial users remains private and it’s useless to ask for it. By the way, You don’t ask to be in this list, you’re invited to be part ;)
3 – Personal Edition: This version is the one used for most users and available for everyone.

Note that in January 2014, another version will be edited, named Lite edition. This edition will be a small one, available for everyone, with limited feature but compatible with Sublime Text 2 or 3 and, by extension, compatible with all supported OS of Sublime Text.

Q: How to easily add a shortcut for Poseidon on Windows 8?

A: You can add a shortcut in the desktop by adding a simple key to the Windows Registry. First step, download this file, then, open the included file “win8_shortcut_poseidon.reg” with a notepad (like Poseidon) and edit the path to meet yours.

Then, right click on the Desktop and enjoy :

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