[EN] Poseidon version: 0.65

It’s time to updateĀ Poseidon Tools, this time, a little bit before the deadlineĀ Ā 
The bases of Poseidon Tools are now ready and next step will add more features. So, you can expect to new features, like SVN support (plus, maybe GIT) and some interactions with Arma 3 Tools, among others. Then, will come the turn of the syntax parser, but you will need to be patient because there is a lot of work to do hereĀ 

Note: because I made some edits lately and not with a Windows PC, Some features may not work, if so, I invite you to tell me what the issue is here.

Ā Please, keep in mind that Poseidon is not an official tool, so, use at your own risk.

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