File encoding (UTF-8, ASCII)

I hope I will light some lanterns, even if this entry has been written quickly during the lunch break and is more like a dirty draft! This may contain either, wrong or incomplete information. Notes While reading this entry, keep these notes in mind, they may correct mistakes. Mikero: text files read by Windows OS […]

Poseidon Tools, New version (0.78.7)

Today is again a patch day! Thanks to your feedback on the last release candidates, I was able to fix most of the issues and even to make two additions  Since, it’s more a fix than a release (as states the version number), no need to write a wall of text about it, so, enjoy […]

Poseidon Tools dev update (0.71.1786) – Community Updater, fixes…

Second release of Poseidon Tools development branch! This development update should be the latest before the next stable release (0.72). As usual, there are some fixed issues like the performance problem caused by the bracket highlighter and some other minor issues. Regarding the additions, more the common update of functions and commands, Poseidon Tools continues its […]

Poseidon Tools development version 0.71 – Fixes

Today is a special day! This is the very first time of a public release of a development version ! Like I already announced it in the last news, pair version numbers are public releases, and impairs are internal or development version, so here we go for the version development release version 0.71 rev 1526. It’s mostly […]

Poseidon Tools version: 0.70 – Privatize, auto indent, fixes…

Today…. It’s patch day! As usual this update adds the auto completion and highlighter for latest Arma 3 version (pre 1.26) but not only. The first addition has been requested many times since a while, this is a command (ctrl+e, ctrl+p) to generate the “private” statement, based on the text selected. For those who were […]

Arma 3 Tools, P Drive (devP)

Many people are confused about the famous devP (hereafter P Drive or P), used by some applications from Arma 3 Community Tools. In this entry, I will try to demystify what’s P and why it has been implemented. What is P Drive? First, P is not a virtual drive but a substitute drive, the concept is […]

[EN] Poseidon version: 0.69

With some days of late, here the update of June, 0.69.1430. As usual you will find the new commands and functions for the latest version of Arma 3 but not only.Poseidon Tools begins to socialize with Mikero Tools, with a basic support for the moment. In the menu >> “External programs” >> “Mikero”, you will find […]

[EN] Poseidon version: 0.65

It’s time to update Poseidon Tools, this time, a little bit before the deadline  The bases of Poseidon Tools are now ready and next step will add more features. So, you can expect to new features, like SVN support (plus, maybe GIT) and some interactions with Arma 3 Tools, among others. Then, will come the turn of […]

Steam et les mises Ă  jour

La question existentielle d’un joueur : “C’est pour nous faire chier que vous mettez le jeu sur Steam ?!” Ce système permet simplement de diffuser les mises Ă  jours du produit via le rĂ©seau Steam Ă  tous les clients et il y a des bĂ©nĂ©fices non nĂ©gligeables !

Cold War Rearmed² – What do you dream of?

Et oui, je suis toujours en activité, je manque juste de temps pour poster ici ! Promis, je me rattrape bientôt !