Poseidon Tools, New version (0.78.7)

Today is again a patch day! Thanks to your feedback on the last release candidates, I was able to fix most of the issues and even to make two additions 
Since, it’s more a fix than a release (as states the version number), no need to write a wall of text about it, so, enjoy yourself with this version 

Change log:
WARNING: A fresh install is required because of some issues from the previous release.

  • Added: Ability to open Arma 3 log directory (Top menu >> Logs)
  • Added: Shortcut to open the current file into a new tab (ctrl+shift+c)
  • Fixed: Installer dependencies
  • Fixed: Bad definitions in SQF language configuration
  • Fixed: Installed version was incorrect
  • Fixed: Mikero tools were not working on some OS (with very specific conditions)

Full change log: http://tom4897.info/projects/poseidon-tools/changelog/

0.78.1 => 0.78.6 – Release Candidates – Hot fixes
Known issues:

  • The installer will mark the version to install to 0.78.6, just ignore it.


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