ArmaHolic,, changes!

Some of you may know that I’m still active in the community, among others, Armaholic & the CFr-Arma, well known as (hereafter – CFr) as System Administrator & developer.

Everyone (at least, almost) knows ArmaHolic, but fact is less people knows that these 2 past years, the CFr was hosting almost all file mirrors. Because of a lack of funding, the CFr must reduce its infrastructure. That means the CFr won’t be able to provide those files.

Regarding other services from the CFr, the SVN and the Redmine remain unchanged because they are on my server from the very beginning. The CFr itself will be hosted here (on my server) until they find a suitable & affordable server. The fate of the hosted projects is not yet determined, but in the meantime, they will be hosted here too (and will probably stay here).

Foxhound and I, are studying potential solutions to get these mirrors back in the best possible conditions, but, in the meantime, the mirrors will be hosted on my personal server, meaning, these files will be still available but don’t be wrong, I cannot provide more than 80Mbs for now, so, download speed will be harshly reduced.

Note that I will probably rent another server to handle the Armaholic’s mirrors, but I still don’t know when nor what will be the provider, if you have something in mind, please, let me know here!

If you have any questions or remark, feel free to let a comment here. By the way, I will update this entry as soon as I have more info about what’s next!

Update 1 (2014-10-20 12:55)

Stage one has began, the Armaholic mirrors are moving

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