Stable release of Poseidon Tools

Stable release of Poseidon Tools today. No need to write additional text, past announcements (dev version) are here:

  1. Poseidon Tools development version 0.71 – Fixes
  2. Poseidon Tools dev update (0.71.1786) – Community Updater, fixes…

As usual, feedback is appreciate (preferably on this thread), thanks!

This is not an official tool, you bear the risk. In case of false positive: Virus scan report.

Change log:

  • Added: Settings manager (“preferences” >> “Options”)
  • Added: Community Tools Updater ( (“preferences” >> “Options”)
  • Added: Functions for latest Arma 3 (
  • Added: New commands for Arma 3 (
  • Added: Shortcut CTRL+F5 to open a CMD with file current directory as working dir (cd & pushd)
  • Added: Shortcut to run Arma 3 in “External programs/tools”. Note: If the current file is a sqm, it will open the editor and load the mission, whatever the file path.
  • Changed: “Open CMD here” is not in its final version (Menu >> External programs)
  • Changed: Auto complete box is now shown after 50ms (+10)
  • Changed: Indent method for SQF files
  • Changed: _target, _name, _leader and _destination have been removed from magic variables, they can now be used with “Make private Statment (ctrl+e, ctrl+p)” (…=1#post2730388)
  • Changed: Improved bracket highlighter (performances)
  • Changed: …too many things to be listed 
  • Changed: Location of snippets… to prepare the future 
  • Fixed: Very low performances on very large file (20MB+)
  • Fixed: Low performances with XML Files
  • Fixed: restoreDefault could crash at the end of the process because it was searching for MacOX files
  • Fixed: respawnOnStart was not regognized by the ext parser (…=1#post2730388)
  • Fixed: File stream was laggy because of a bad defined event handler (…=1#post2729710)
  • Fixed: Poseidon installer was not working on some x86 workstation
  • Fixed: FSMEditor was not working on some x86 workstation
  • Fixed: Texview 2 was not working on some x86 workstation
  • Fixed: RestoreDefault was not working on some x86 workstation


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