Poseidon Tools dev update (0.71.1786) – Community Updater, fixes…

Second release of Poseidon Tools development branch!

This development update should be the latest before the next stable release (0.72). As usual, there are some fixed issues like the performance problem caused by the bracket highlighter and some other minor issues. Regarding the additions, more the common update of functions and commands, Poseidon Tools continues its quest to become user friendly and its socialization:

1 # Settings Manager
This is a dialog that allows you to edit settings. For the moment, you can only edit your profile. Soon (or not), you will be able to change most of the major settings of the Poseidon Tools and some extra, like the indenter (tm4_indenter). You can have a look at what will be possible by viewing the the registry key “HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\bohemia interactive\Poseidon Tools”

2 # Community Updater
Last but not least, this release includes  a very (but really very) early version of the “Community Tools Updater”. “Community Tools” means Poseidon Tools (by the way, that’s not ready to be used with it), and also the all suite of tools developed by Mikero.

If you would like to add your tool  in the depot (means, the updater), let me a PM on the BI Forums.
This tool can be downloaded as a standalone from the community tools depot.

Change log:
Stick with main branch if you do not want to deal with the (big) potential issues.

  • Added: Settings manager (“preferences” >> “Options”)
  • Added: Community Updater (“preferences” >> “Options”) (temporary menu location)
  • Added: Commands for latest Arma 3
  • Added: Functions for latest Arma 3
  • Changed: Auto complete box is now shown after 50ms (+10)
  • Changed: Indent method for SQF files
  • Changed: …too many things to list them all
  • Fixed: Very low performances on very large file (20MB+)
  • Fixed: Low performances with XML Files

Known issues:

  • TM4_indenter: indentation if and while statement can be doubled in some cases (unidentified for the moment)
  • restoreDefault: It often crashes at the end of the process, but except this issue, the tool works as intended



ps: regarding misspellings, this post must be a true minefield, sorry, I need to sleep a bit ^_^ Feel free to fix :)

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