Cold War Rearmed² v1.0 released!

I wanted to share an important announcement W0lle posted on the CwR² website! I’d like to say: Enjoy!


It took longer than expected, but here it finally is.

logoThis Modification is the result of around 5 years of development and thousands of hours spent by countless people working on this Project in their spare free time. Without their dedication, and the generous model donations of many people this giant project could have never finished.

Maybe a little disappointment for some but the pretty girls from the trailer are not included in this release yet. There are still some problems to take care of to make them real pretty. But we decided that the final release should not be delayed even more just because of such minor things. They will be released in a patch as soon as all issues are fixed and QA has nothing to complain anymore.

Altough called finished, this is not the end yet. We still work on some more Expansions and are fixing smaller issues. And most probably there are bugs showing up after released, they always do! What we are able to fix, we will of course.

With this version, we also release updated versions of the UK, NL, VMF and Terrain Expansions.

We hope you will enjoy this work and have many hours of fun with it.

Source: Cold War Rearmed² Website

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